Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Name for Baby Boy #3

We have finally decided on a name for baby #3 so now we can call him by name instead of Baby #3! It took Robbie and I a little while to decide, although we've been working on it since before we knew he was a boy. We just couldn't seem to come up with anything we both really loved. So, one night Robbie looked up names on the internet and we wrote down a few possibilites. It was between 2 in the end and we chose:

Greyson Kahrs Hardy

Greyson, of course, is a name we like just like Tyler and Scott were. Kahrs is Robbie's mom's maiden name just like Scott has my mom's maiden name as his middle name. With all of the boys we have used a name we like as well as a family name.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yep, it's official....I am the only girl in my house!! We are expecting baby BOY #3! Can you believe it?! It's starting to sink in a little more and yes we are very excited! He is healthy and growing, which is the most important part! For all of you who were hoping I would have a girl, well I guess God has something else in mind! His plan is perfect and I can't argue with that! He knows just what we need and obiviously it includes 3 boys!
I can't wait to be the mom of 3 boys! The two I have now are wonderful and they love their mama (and they tell me "I love you" at least 6 times a day)! :) So, what more could I ask for! Robbie is very excited and is looking forward to having his own football, baseball, basketball, etc. team! Here are some pictures from the ultrasound!! We haven't totally decided on his name yet but will let you know when we do!! Merry Christmas!!!
Oh yea, some cute comments from the boys:

Tyler: If Mama has another baby, I hope it's a girl! (Well, sorry buddy not sure that will happen!)

Scott: I'm going to tell him he looks like a monster! (The boys went to the ultrasound with us so I guess Scott thought he looked like a monster)

Scott: I love my baby brother

Tyler: I like it better when they are 1 or 2 (years old)

Tyler: It's going to be a Clemson Tiger because Mama said it was.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gearing up for Christmas!

I can't believe that Christmas is less than 15 days away! Wow, it is flying by already! I also can't belive that we find out what we are having in 13 days! I can't wait! I've been feeling pretty good but still pretty exhausted by the end of the day!

The boys are really excited about Christmas and it's been a lot of fun with them. It's sad now that Tyler is in public school he doesn't hear about the true meaning of Christmas like he did in preschool. I make sure to talk about it at home and get him excited about celebrating Jesus birthday. He asked me today how old Jesus would be! :) It's great that Scott is still able to learn about Jesus in school and he loves pointing out manger scenes when he sees them in stores. Both of the boys love playing with their Fisher Price manger scene as well as mine.

Here are a few pictures to share from the end of November into early December. As you can see (for those of you who don't get to be around him) Scott is quite a character! The pictures just don't do justice! He is a hoot!!

Hanging of the Greens at church (my most favorite service!)

Picking out a tree

Tyler loved hanging the ornaments (in our PJ's)

Silly boy