Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 7 Months to Greyson

Happy 7 months to Grey Grey today!! What a joy each day is with him! His smile is just priceless and he is almost always ready to give you one. He is scooting across the floor pretty good on his belly and he is fast! This is SO much sooner than Tyler and Scott but, it's fun to watch him. He's sitting up pretty well on his own, too. He loves to blow bubbles and makes noises with his mouth. He loves his brothers and enjoys watching their every move. Robbie had him in the mix tonight while they were play fighting and tickling each other. Greyson loved it! Here is a picture of Greyson when he woke up from his morning nap this morning. He has just started going from laying down to sitting up all by himself. He's just growing up and doing things way too fast! It's great but I just wish he'd stay little! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What have we been up to?

Hey everyone!! It's been a busy last few weeks and I've been taking some fun pictures of the boys...unlike my last post! :) Life is busy as it is for so many of us, but we are having fun along the way. Tyler and Scott are so excited about Christmas and we have had a fun last few days of decorating. We've stretched it out over Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today! Tyler stayed home from school on Monday because he had a bad cough and it was a great day at home with all 3 of them. It was so fun seeing their excitement in "helping" me decorate.

We had a good Thanksgiving with family and Greyson was a trooper. There was little time for naps that day but he managed to fall asleep in my arms twice after being so exhausted! The Monday before Thanksgiving we got to go to Saluda Shoals for a sneak peek at the lights they have every Christmas. We ate some yummy food, when on a carriage ride through the park to see the lights, and rode on the fun new inner tube ride they have this year.

Greyson is growing up more and more everyday. He currently has his 2nd ear infection, which is no fun at all. He had his first one in his right ear 3 weeks ago and now he has one in his left ear. This is SO much earlier than they other 2 were when they had their first one. He is such a happy baby most of the time that I knew something wasn't right yesterday when he just wasn't himself. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

Here are just some recent pictures from various times throughout the last few weeks.

Out for a walk one warm fall day

I love food and I love to smile!!!!!!

Look at me sitting up like a big boy!

3 sweet boys!

On the carriage ride at Saluda Shoals

Saluda Shoals carriage ride

Saluda Shoals carriage ride

Thanksgiving Day

The boys and I made a turkey and everyone had to write something they were thankful for on one of the feathers. It was fun seeing everyone's response...I think we just started a new tradition! :) I love traditions!!!

Nap #1

Grey Grey and Aunt Katie

Grey Grey and Aunt Ra Ra (aka Robin)

While decorating on Monday, the boys found Robbie's dad's Santa suit that he used to dress up in! They had fun trying it on! He would have been proud!

Tyler hanging ornaments

Scott hanging ornaments

Greyson figuring out what this tree is all about