Friday, March 27, 2009


We just got back last night from an amazing trip to Disney World! The boys, my parents and I were definitely not ready to come back. Robbie on the other hand loved the trip but was ready to be back in his own house and bed!

We spent Monday and Tuesday at the Magic Kingdom and Wednesday at Sea World. We are really glad we spent 2 days at MK (thanks for that tip, Rebecca) because it really took 2 days to get to do everything we wanted to do. The crowd was pretty heavy but it was ok. The weather was beautiful except for a little misty rain on Monday morning. Thankfully that was very short lived. The boys' amazement at everything we did and saw was priceless. It was so fun experiencing it all through their eyes.

Tyler's favorite ride was Peter Pan's Flight and he loved meeting all the characters and letting them sign his book. He got some birthday wishes on Tuesday while wearing his birthday button he received at the park but all the attention kind of got to him after awhile so he took the button off! :) He's not a fan of attention! He did get a birthday gift card in place of a free ticket into the park since we did a package deal and already had a ticket. So, he had fun spending that on a t-shirt, stuffed animals, candy, etc. Scott had a blast on all the rides. He loved meeting Buzz Lightyear, his absolute favorite character! He was quite funny the whole trip, but did we expect anything else!? :) He could vividly tell everything we did and he was so funny talking to his 2 aunts (Katie and Robin) on the phone telling them what all we did.

Our trip to Sea World was really great! The first thing we did was watch a show with Shamu and the killer whales. It was amazing. We saw some other dolphin and seal shows as well. The boys absolutely love sea animals, especially Tyler, so they thoroughly enjoyed Sea World. Tyler and I got to do something really cool that we will always remember...he and I got to feed and pet dolphins! It was so neat and fun to experience that just the two of us. After we fed the dolphins we then had a very memorable, funny, scary, crazy thing happen. We walked up to the pool of stingrays were you could lean over and pet them. Well, Robbie was holding Scott and went to reach him out a little further so he could pet one and his foot slipped. Scott's entire body then fell into to the pool of STINGRAYS!!!!!!!!! Robbie thankfully never let go of him and lifted him right out but it was a pretty traumatizing experience for my little Scottie! Scott cried and I cried, too!!! My dad had thankfully bought a beach towel earlier in the day at the Shamu show because they sat in the soak zone. So, we wrapped Scott up in that! It was quite hilarious after the shock wore off and we will never let Robbie live it down! :)

As most of you know I have a habit of having premature labor and contractions and this pregnancy is no different! The first morning at Magic Kingdom after a couple of hours of walking, my lower back was hurting and I would have a contraction every now and then. So, we resorted to renting me a wheel chair! I felt so bad riding around in it when I wasn't actually crippled and that Robbie and my dad had to push me around, but it immediately helped! I was definitely not wanting a premature baby in Disney World and because of the wheel chair my contractions and lower back pain subsided. The boys enjoyed riding in it with me, too! My mom's foot bothered her some so she took a turn in it as well. So, all in all it came in very handy for only $10 a day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Karate, Putt Putt, T-ball, and Baby Shower

March has gotten off to a great start and we have really been enjoying the warm weather we have had lately! Robbie turned 35 on March 2 and he was fortunate to have the day off because of the so called snow we were supposed to have! I enjoyed the day with all 3 of my boys even if there was no snow to play in. My parents had birthdays on the 5th and 6th. My dad wanted to take the boys to Frankie's to play putt-putt so we all had fun doing that together. Tyler was definitely into the game and following the rules of the game but Scott not so much! He wanted to pick up everyone's ball, and he wanted to decide where he should start putting from....which was always close to the hole! :)

Tyler is enjoying karate at The Little Gym and he had his first T-ball game this past Saturday. I had my first baby shower for Greyson today and it was a lot of fun!! It was fun having family and friends there and I really appreciate Martha and her mom for having it for me! I got so many wonderful gifts for Greyson. When I got home Tyler and Scott loved looking at everything and they helped me take everything to Greyson's room and lay it all out. They were very sweet!

We have some really fun things to look forward to in the coming weeks...We are headed to Disney World 2 weeks from today and we are so excited!! We will celebrate Tyler's 6th birthday while we are there and he thinks that is great!! We will celebrate with a birthday party with friends and family on the 28th when we get back. We should have some fun pictures to share on our blog from our trip and his birthday so stay tuned!

Greyson will be here in less than 10 weeks and I can't believe it! I'm 30 weeks today and time is flying! I can't wait to hold my sweet baby boy!

Here are a few updated pictures of all the things I mentioned that we have been up to lately!