Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big preschooler

Scott had his first day of 4 year old preschool this morning!! Or as I have been saying...his last first day! It makes me teary to think he is in his last year of preschool, but it's going to be a great year and so much fun! Scott had a great morning and was a big boy going in to school. His reactions to school were much different this year than last year! Last year he was not the least bit excited and he wouldn't let me take any pictures of him! But, what a difference a year makes...

I have a story as to why I think today was a good start! Here goes...I know that most of you moms who are reading this can think of times in your children's lives where you have done anything you can to make things better for your child. Well, that's what I did with Scott and this transition back to preschool after the summer. Yesterday when we were leaving to go to "Meet the Teacher", he was not the least bit interested and pretty much pitched a fit about going. He ended up being fine, especially since the parents stayed and it was only 30 minutes. Afterwards I realized that he really did need a new bookbag...he was still carrying Tyler's from when he was 2! So, we head to Target with my mom and Greyson to look for one. Of course, the first one Scott spots that he wants is Batman! I try everything I can to talk him out of the Batman one (because I just don't like the character ones) and to look at some solid colored ones that were cute. He refused. And continued to refuse and say he didn't like them. So, my mom finally whispers to me, "You know if it will make the transition easier for school tomorrow, it may be worth it." She was so right!! So, right then and there I realized that it just didn't matter. Scott doesn't have to have the cutesy bookbag with his name embroidered, etc, etc like almost every other child at preschool. He could care less about that and it would be more for me than him. So, I put those comparisons and worries aside and made my child's day!!! I grabbed the bookbag and before I gave it to him I told him, "Scott we will get you this bookbag but I want to see a happy face tomorrow when you go to preschool." He said ok and his face lit up!!!!!!!! It was priceless and made me feel so good that I did that for him. He was in the best mood all day long yesterday and so extremely proud of his bookbag. He counted the pockets, hung it up at home, took it in the carpool line with us so he could show Tyler right away, hid it so he could pull it out and surprise Robbie when he got home, and then hung it where Tyler hangs his. He was more proud of that thing yesterday than over anything else I've ever seen with him!! Thank you Lord for helping me put aside the "popular" thing that I wanted for my child and get something that made my child so happy as well as made him feel so proud walking into preschool this morning!!! Surely I'm not the only mom who has never wanted to buy their child a character bookbag because YOU didn't like the way it looked!! :)
Here are is the infamous bookbag! :)

Greyson thought he needed to be apart of a picture, too!

Greyson is going to miss his big brother on Monday, Tuesday and Wed mornings!! The first thing he said when we got in the car after dropping Scott off was "COTT"! That's what he calls Scott! :) He loves his big brother Cott!! I guess he will just have to get used to hanging out with me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Our big 2nd grader:

Tyler started 2nd grade today!! He has been really excited about starting, but when we dropped him a few tears started flowing. He said he was nervous. Bless his heart!! He is an anxious child and gets nervous easily, but this was the first year he cried so it kind of threw me for a loop! But, his teacher was very sweet, and I feel sure as soon as we left he was ok.

On another note, I love the mind of my 4 year old, Scott! His thoughts never cease to amaze me and usually make me laugh. We truly never know what is going on in his little head. 99% of the time his questions and comments come totally out of the blue! A few of his questions or comments lately:
"Mama, are their roads in Africa?"
"Mama, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"My eyes are exhausted."

Greyson is keeping life fun and busy! He is such a busy body and quite funny. He turned 15 months old on Aug 7! He thinks he is as big as Tyler and Scott and picks up on their every move.

A few more pics from this morning: