Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy birthday Tyler!!!

Our sweet, first born Tyler turned 8 years old this past Thursday! We have celebrated just about everyday since Thursday and have had a blast. Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family so, I love to go all out and celebrate them to a "T"! On Wednesday night, Tyler was so excited about it being his birthday the next day that he was not able to fall asleep until almost 10:00. He woke up Thurs morning to our traditional pancake breakfast and the kitchen decorated with streamers. Aunt Robin (Robbie's sister) came over at 7 to join us for breakfast! It was a fun treat for sure! During Tyler's lunch at school Mimi, Scott, Greyson and I took Chick-fil-A to him and cupcakes for his class. Robbie scooted out of school a little early and got Tyler out about 30 minutes was a surprise! Then, we went bike shopping...that is what we gave him for his birthday but wanted him to help us pick it out. Then we went to the mall to Build A Bear. He chose Olive Garden as his dinner of choice and we ended with a yummy cookie cake! Here are some pictures from that day before I go into his party day! :)

Build A Bear "Dog"

Golf Cookie Cake

Tyler LOVES Olive Garden salad...especially the purple cabbage

On Saturday, we had a Camping theme party for Tyler. It was full of a scavenger hunt, roasting hot dogs, a bug/snake hunt, pinata, relay race, and cake! Due to the rain that started, we were not able to roast marshmallows. It was a super fun party! Saturday night Tyler had 3 of his buddies spend the night. They had a blast and we all survived! They were asleep by 9:30 and up in full swing by 5:30AM!!!

Tyler's neat camping cake

One crazy, fun crew

Roasting hot dogs

Tyler got a couple of Nerf guns and Greyson had a blast with them! :)

Eating pizza at the sleepover

Dressing up is always fun!

Such a great group of boys

Dinner at Moe's tonight with last birthday celebration :)

We are so proud of the boy/young man Tyler is becoming. He is a very good student and does his very best. He still has a big passion for art and drawing and has also become quite a good golfer. We look forward to celebrating another year and are so excited to see what God has in store for him. Thank you so much to all of you who helped us celebrate this past week/weekend!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, my dad reminded me today that I have not updated our blog in a month! It's been on my mental to do list all week, but just hasn't happened until today! The boys are doing well and in full swing with baseball, golf, school, etc. We started off March celebrating Robbie's birthday. He turned the BIG 37!
Birthday pancakes:

Tyler participated in the RA Derby race at church on Robbie's birthday. His car won 2nd place for Best in Show (which means creativity and design)! He was so proud!

Scott posing for team pictures for baseball. He is having a blast playing and on a really fun team! He's just so cute out there, too!

Daddy and his boys

Me and my boys

Happy St Patrick's Day

Tyler is taking some one on one golf lessons right now and then he will start back with some group clinics. He is doing really well at it (per his instructor)! :)

It is quite interesting keeping Greyson entertained and quiet during Tyler's golf lessons! He hasn't quite understood the memo that you have to be quiet on a golf course/driving range! :) Scott is pretty easy, though! :)

Tyler is turning 8 next week on the 24th! Greyson will be 2 in less than 2 months! Scott is staring K5 in just a few short months! Wow, these boys are just growing up too fast! I tell them all the time to stop growing up, but they just laugh and say no! :)