Thursday, June 10, 2010

Amelia Island: 10 Year Anniversary Trip

Robbie and I just got home today from a wonderful 10 year anniversary trip to Amelia Island. We've known for a year or more that we wanted to celebrate big for 10 years. But, several months ago, Robbie decided he wanted to plan our destination and I was all for the idea!! So, he (and lots of other people who found out our destination) kept it a secret until we were on our there on Monday. I had known all along that we were going about 4 hours away and it would be on a beach, and that was all I wanted to know! :) I loved the idea of having it be a surprise. So, I was so excited when I found out and it gave us a chance to talk about it on the way there. We had an amazing, relaxing time! It is a beautiful place that we definitely want to revisit in the future. The beach was gorgeous, the people were so friendly, downtown was a neat place to shop and eat, etc. It was the perfect getaway for sure. Here are some pictures from our trip:

We ate at this neat little Italian place our firt night was yummy!

Ok, apparently in Florida you can drive down on the beach! We were amazed at would never see this in SC!

Ok, DON'T look AT us, but look beyond us....NO ONE on the beach within a few 100 yards from fabulous!! We felt like we had the beach to ourselves! :)

Eating crab legs (Robbie's all time favorite) at the Crab Trap:

This is where we stayed our 1st 2 nights...great rooms but Robbie was a little disappointed in the so called "ocean view"

This is where we stayed our last night...a beautiful Bed and Breakfast right on the ocean...gorgeous view!

The Bed and Breakfast left us this little surprise in our room because they knew we were there celebrating 10 years! :) The next time we go back, we will stay here the whole time. They were so nice!

On Wednesday we took a little trip to Jacksonville since it was only about 30-45 min away. One of Robbie's goals in life is to visit (or see) as many stadiums as he can around the country. So, we knew we were going to try and locate where the Jacksonville Jaguars play while we were there. After a little walk and lunch along the river downtown, we drove to the stadium. Much to our surprise there was a minor league baseball stadium right next to the Jaguar stadium. Robbie was so pumped when he saw it, and I convinced him to try and talk one of the guys into letting him inside. It worked! :) He wore is Columbia Blowfish hat and told them he was part of the Coastal Plains league and could he look at the field. SO, we got in and I took some pictures of Robbie on the field! He was so cute out a little kid!! The team that played there was the Jacksonville Suns. Robbie was so excited to get to do this and it made the trip that much better for him (just like relaxing on a beach for hours made it great for me :)) Here are some pictures:

Oh yea, here is the Jaguar stadium...the real reason we drove down there but not the reason that ended up making Robbie's day :)

This is the what made the trip so great for me :) (other than spending 4 straight days of relaxation and no schedule with Robbie!!!) I read a WHOLE book in 3 I have no idea when that's ever happened!!

Relaxing on the porch of the beautiful Bed and Breakfast we stayed at!

I'm so thankful to our awesome God for 10 great years of marriage to Robbie!! We've had our ups and downs as all marriages do, but we have so much to be thankful for...mainly our 3 little boy blessings that we rushed home to see today! :) While on our trip, Robbie and I reflected on the last 10 years and we look forward to 10+ more!!