Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Charleston trip

At the end of last week, we took a little mini trip to Charleston....2 days and one night. We had a lot of fun packed into a small amount of time! We stayed at an awesome hotel with an indoor swimming pool. I think the boys thought that was the best part of the whole trip! :) They love it any time we stay at a hotel (which isn't very often). It's so cute how excited they get and the comments they make! The 2nd best part was the amazing FREE breakfast the hotel had! They had anything you could want and with 4 males in my family, this was a big deal! Here are some pictures!

On our way!

We've arrived!

Indoor swimming!

After some rest time and outlet time (for me!) we headed to the dining area of the hotel for horderves (I know that's not how you spell it!). You may notice we are all wearing red. After snack time, we headed downtown to the Riverdogs baseball game. It was wear red night and you get $1 off your admission ticket. :)

Funny pictures inside the park:

Enjoying the game!

The game was a lot of fun! In between each inning they had some type of entertainment and then afterwards they shot fireworks. It was a pretty fast game, too! It was over by 9:00 so when we got back to the hotel guess what Robbie and the boys did...went swimming again! :)

Some fun pictures on the last day! Greyson's face was priceless with this huge CFA chicken sandwhich! :)

We drove down to the beach before we left that afternoon to let the boys run around a little bit. It didn't last long because Greyson fell in a huge puddle on the beach and was soaked! It was a little chilly so we headed back to the car to start our trip home.

Greyson right after he fell making his way towards me! It made us chuckle! :)

Bye Charleston, we had a fun trip!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

February, March and a little bit of April :)

I'll update as I post pictures! :)

A little fun at EdVenture one chilly February morning with great friends!

Valentine's Day

Tyler's teacher invited the parents to come on Valentine's Day to read together. The week before she had us all write letters secretly to our child. She laminated them and presented them to each child that day. It was very special watching Tyler glow as he read the letter that Robbie and I wrote to him! :)

Valentine fun in Scott's class with ice cream sundaes!

A little fun with the camera that afternoon! :)

A breakfast date! :)

Scott's first baseball practice of the season! He was a little happy, can you tell?! :) That boy loves to play ball!

At Robbie's first official game of the season! It was a gorgeous day!

A last minute trip to the zoo on a gorgeous day in February!

Robbie's birthday: A little birthday pancakes for breakfast and supper at Gilligan's that night!

Dr Suess' birthday at school! :) I went and read to some of the children in Scott's class and then they had a cute snack of jello with swedish fish to represent One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

A fun birthday party at the zoo for Greyson's friend Manning (Manning's mom, Regan and I have been friends since we were in 3rd grade! :))

Jackson and Greyson before the zoo class for M's party! Jackson's mom, Jennifer and I have been friends since high school! :)

My dad (aka Pop) turned 60 on March 6 and we had a birthday party for him with some of my parent's closest friends!!

Our Papa died in early March. Most of my dad's family was able to come for the funeral. It was sad under the circumstances, but we enjoyed all being together at the same time. My dad has 4 brothers and they were all there. Mema and Papa had a huge wall of pictures in their house that we always loved to look at. Before everyone started claiming different pictures, we took a picture of the infamous wall!

Greyson and his friend, Manning just before their friend Jackson's birthday party! So sweet!

Scott's first game of the season!

Greyson and Austin napping together one day on top of my bed! :) Aren't they so cute!!

Scott's Leprachaun trap for school...it's made out of an angel food cake container! :)

Andy, Tiffany, Caroline and Anna were here the weekend of March 15-18 for our cousin, Drew's wedding! We had a blast while they were here!

The wedding.....

We celebrated Tyler and Caroline's birthdays while they were here since we are never together on their actual day!

Tyler's last day as an 8 year old pancake breakfast! (March 23)

Tyler woke up to this decor on his birthday! :)

Tyler's day consisted of a pancake breakfast with Mimi and Pop at Fatz for Pop's Rotary Club, Scott's baseball game, a family party that afternoon and a spend the night party that night! It was a great 9th birthday for Tyler and he seemed to have a blast!!

Most of the family went in together to get Tyler a Kindle Fire! He was pretty excited! :)

Late that afternoon as Tyler's friends were arriving, a storm started brewing and we saw a beautiful rainbow behind our house! It was really cool!

Tyler's crazy but super fun sleepover with his best buddies....

A trip to Yumilicious!

Winding down, or so we thought! :)

Breakfast....chocolate chip muffins! :)

Tyler told us back at the beginning of March that he couldn't really think of anything he wanted for his birthday. So, instead of having his friends bring presents for himself, we had them bring presents for children at the Children's Hospital. Our hope was to deliever them on the night of his party, but no one was there to receiver the gifts. So, we went on Sunday afternoon and met up with Lindsey, one of the Child Life directors. Sam was able to join us! It was truly a neat experience and I really think it made Tyler feel good as Lindsey shared with us about some of the patients and what they will do with the gifts!

I've been into decorating and organzing around the house! I've gotten lots of great ideas through Pinterest and my sweet running friends! We actually had a craft morning not too long ago that was really fun! Here are some projects I've done and relatively inexpensively, too!

A magnetic board made out of a cookie sheet covered in fabric.

Fabric covered art canvases that I had monogrammed and hung above each of our bed side tables.

The wreath I made for my front door.

I organized our always messy medicine cabinet. Hopefully this will help keep it more organized and easier to find what we need! :)

A little baseball in the yard! Greyson can actually hit the ball without a tee! I think that comes from watching so much baseball in his short little life span! :)

Tyler's class went on a field trip to the State House on the 26th! It was a lot of fun!

Last Friday the 30th, the boys school had a breakfast called "The Man in my Life" breakfast. Pop and Robbie both went with the boys!

We had a big Easter Celebration at church last Friday night, March 30. It was hard work to get it all organized and ready, but it was so worth it! Everyone had a great time!! I love that my job consists of doing awesome things like this for families!!

For the first time, we are planting a garden! Tyler has been wanting to do it for 2 years now and after helping Pop plant one in his yard, we decided we would try one ourselves!

2 sweet pictures to leave with! :)