Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break and Easter

Last week the boys were on Spring Break! We had a fun week!! We played outside, went to Charleston for the day with Mimi, had a playdate with friends, picked strawberries, and just enjoyed our break! Easter was great, too! Here are some pictures from our week:

Tyler holding a starfish at the Aquarium in Charleston

Scott and Greyson looking at the starfish

A fun playdate with awesome friends

Greyson picking strawberries. It is hard to believe that 2 years ago when we did this I was pregnant with him and last year when we went, he was barely even walking!

This was the first year Robbie was able to join us since Scott was a baby and we lived in Fort Mill/Indian Land!

3rd year in a row with a picture just like this....I just love traditions!

Robbie ran and got the camera the other night when I was rocking Greyson

Easter picture #1

Sweet boy

Sweet brothers

More sweet brothers

Fun egg hunt at Aunt Donna's house

Running to find the next egg

This is fun!

The boys with Nanny's precious dog Gabe! I feel sure she was smiling down on this sweet picture. Gabe was her buddy!!!

And this is how Robbie and Pop spent part of the afternoon! :)

On Monday night we went to Robbie's last game of the season. They played Dutch Fork. The DF coach is a friend of Robbie's and we go to church with him. DF beat RV earlier in the season, but this night, Robbie's team had it going on!! They won 11-6!! Robbie has dealt with lots of issues this season and has had to lay the law down several times with some of his players. He has been so discouraged at times, but knew that he had to do what was right to help these kids learn. It all paid off in the end and God blessed them with a W for the last game!! The boys, my parents and I were there for the whole game. Tyler, Scott and Greyson had a blast! They spent the majority of the night in the dugout. Greyson enjoyed filling up paper cups with water in the dugout and tried to sneak out on the field a few times! :) At the end of the game (9pm), Tyler begged and begged to ride home on the bus with the team. I really debated it because it was a school night, but in the end allowed he and Scott to do it! It was a memory I hope they have forever and it was one night! They did not get home and in the bed until 11pm, but they had a blast! This was a great time with their daddy for sure! I let them sleep in a little on Tuesday and took them to school late! Shhhh, don't tell!! :) Hopefully, I can remind them of this night of being a "cool" mom, when one day they will not think I'm so cool! :) Haha!

Greyson telling me he was going in the dugout with Daddy

I had a few babysitters during the game and actually watch!! Greyson filled up about 30 cups with water, but he was happy and not getting into trouble! :)

A sweet picture

At the end of the game when Robbie was addressing the team, Greyson thought he needed to be apart of it!

All 4 of them ran the bases at the end of the game

When we got home from Lancaster on Sunday, there was a message from Tyler's art teacher at school letting us know that a piece of his art work had been chosen to be displayed at The Lexington Town Hall this week!!!! We were so excited for him! Art/drawing is a HUGE passion of Tyler's and we think he is pretty good at it! :) We went up there today to check it out!

The Town Hall is located directly in front of our favorite park...Virgina Hylton. So, we went for a little walk along the path after seeing Tyler's art work.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and is enjoying the wonderful weather we have had!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cousin Time

Andy and Anna flew in Thursday night and left this afternoon. It has been a fun filled 3 days with them and we are thankful for the short amount of time we had with them! The boys could not have been more excited to be with Anna! Greyson must have said her name 400 times! He would call for her, she would come and he would stare and grin at her. It was so cute. Tyler and Scott were 100% Anna all weekend. They always pick right back up where they left off and enjoy every waking moment together. They had fun playing baseball, having 2 sleepovers, helping Pop skin the turkey he shot (ha!!), playing in the tent, watching a movie, making hats with turkey feathers, eating ice cream, etc. We missed Tiffany and Caroline, but look forward to seeing them this summer! Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazing Ladies

Aren't these 2 ladies just beautiful?! I miss them so, so much and think about them A LOT!! It's not uncommon for me to be think of them many times throughout my week. Most of the time it's while driving in the car, and I get teary eyed just thinking about what amazing grandmothers they both were and how much I miss them. I also think about how much fun they are having together in heaven!! I love them and can't wait to see them again one day! So, I just wanted to share! :)