Thursday, October 30, 2008

Win a Wii

My friend, Mary Ann Shrum, adopted 2 beautiful girls from Guatamala that are a definite God send. For anyone who knows much about adoptions, they are very expensive. Mary Ann and her family are still trying to pay off these adoptions and one creative way is through a raffle to win a Wii!!! So, check out her blog and enter to win one for your family! Her blog address is:
Thank you!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The BIG 3-0

Well, I am officially in my 30's as of yesterday! It really doesn't feel any different, so I guess that's a good thing! We had a fun weekend of celebrating. Robbie and my parents had a party for me on Saturday night at my parent's house with family and friends. They were going to make it a surprise but decided to include me in on the plans! We had a lot of fun and missed so many of you that couldn't make it! My mom had a sweet video put together for me of my last 30 years that we watched that night. On Sunday we had a cookout to celebrate mine and my sister's birthday (her's was Oct 23) with family. Once again we had a great time! My mom worked extra hard this past weekend to make it extra special for me (and for Katie)! She is the best!!! Here are some pictures from the festivities on Saturday!

The Hardy Crew

The BIG cake


Amy and Robbie serving cake

Teresa, Johanna and Rebecca

Brian and Tasha and Joe and Kim

Sweet Tyler

Silly Scott

Watching the video

Katie and Mark

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun in the Fall

This past weekend was a fun fall weekend full of the pumpkin patch, the State Fair and Scott's party at the park! Here are a few pictures to highlight what we did!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Scott is 3!!!

Today is Scott's 3rd birthday! Boy how time flies! He woke up early this morning very excited. I made our traditional birthday pancakes that we have whenver it is one of our birthdays (my mom started this tradition with us). We put a #3 candle in it and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Then he had a present from us to open and a present from his favorite cousin, Anna! He loved them both! Robbie took the day off to spend time with Scott. They have headed off to the zoo and who knows where else! :) Scott was thrilled!!

Scott has brought so much joy to our lives. He is a interesting little boy with lots of different traits that make him that way! He makes us laugh all the time with his funny faces and silly gestures. One my most favorite things that Scott does right now is out of the clear blue he says "I love you" and gives us a great big kiss! Oh so sweet!! I remember Tyler doing that same thing at that age!

Scott is an active little thing who loves to run, play ball, ride his scooter, tackle Tyler, wrestle with Robbie, play with dinosaurs and cars and trucks, and chew on his "fluffy". Fluffy is his beloved blanket that he can't seem to part with...see the picture below! This entire year has brought about lots of changes and firsts for Scott. He moved to a big boy bed, he was finally potty trained at 2 1/2, he started preschool for the first time in August, he was in his first wedding this past summer, he went to his first Braves game, and last but certainly not least he has gained a big will and a way about him! :) He is a red head none the less and boy is it true that red heads can have tempers! The closer he's gotten to three the more he has let that shine through! But, thankfully he is excellent at school and at church for his teachers! Oh yea, he is going to be featured in a Red Head book that a lady in California has written. It's a children's book and it should come out in the next month or so. We can't wait to see it!!

Now check out some recent pictures of my little buddy!!

Scott and Fluffy

Birthday Pancakes!

Off to the Zoo with Daddy!

Daddy's football game...One of Scott's favorite places to go!

Wrestling with Tyler....I got this picture just after Scott had been all over Tyler!

We have a fun filled weekend planned with going to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon and a Dinosaur Birthday Party for Scott on Sunday afternoon!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Picture of "Peanut"

Thank you so much to all of you have emailed us or left messages on our blog! We really appreciate everyone's excitement and prayers! You are all such a blessing! I wanted to show you the ultrasound picture we got on Tuesday! It's amazing that that is a baby! Tyler has been so cute with his questions. He held the ultrasound picture up to my stomach last night and said is the baby right there? Then he started wandering what the baby was doing inside of me...was he eating or moving? He got so tickled when I started talking about how as the baby grows he/she will start kicking and hitting me! He thought that was hilarious! He is at a fun age where he is so interested in this process and will hopefully remember this pregnancy more than mine with Scott!