Monday, August 8, 2011

A big month!!!

July was a big month for us. It started off great with Robbie and Tyler heading to Camp McCall for LAD camp (father/son camp). They had a blast with guys from our church as well as many from various other churches around the state. They came back with some fun stories and great memories!!
Before they left:

While they were gone, we welcomed my precious little nephew, Austin! He was born Friday, July 8 and healthy as can be. I was so happy that Scott, Greyson and I could be there! Here are some fun pictures from the waiting room!

Sweet Austin and his champion Mama shortly after he was born

The first time we got to hold him

Back at the end of June, we made a very, very tough decision. We had taken in a stray dog that we lovingly gave a home to for 5 weeks. But, within that 5 weeks, we realized that it was just too tough to try and have an indoor dog (we do not have a fenced in back yard) with 3 young children. It became stressful with the potty training of a puppy and having to be on top of her all the time to make sure she wasn't chewing up something, using the bathroom somewhere, etc. Tyler was truly heartbroken because he is such a dog lover. But, he understood, too. Thankfully we found a wonderful girl who has been able to give Abby a great home! This girl has allowed us to keep in touch with how Abby is doing. Here is a reuniting we had at a local park:

Greyson is absolutely the cutest thing right now! He is talking up a storm and saying the most adorable things. He loves to sing the Bob the Builder song and it is hilarious! He is really into putting on everyone's shoes. It is not uncommon to find him walking around the house or outside in a different pair of shoes. He loves to put on these blue snow boots, and one day I found him in these boots with only his Pull Up on. His doggy was of course with him and his thumb in the mouth. He ventured out to the back yard while I was watering the flowers so I got some cute pictures. That boy can be so sweet and snuggly, but man can he be stubborn!!!!!! Wow!!!!! :)

Right before Robbie and Tyler went off to camp, Robbie found out about a Business Ed teaching position that had just opened up at Irmo High School. So, he submitted his resume, got called in for an interview on Tuesday, July 11, and was offered the position on Wed morning, July 12! We were so excited! But, then came the very challenging part. The district he was employed with was being extremely difficult about letting him out of his contract. It is typically not uncommon or challenging to get out of teaching contracts, but for some reason they were being stubborn about it. Our family and friends kept saying it was probably because they didn't want to lose him, but that didn't help! :) God was so faithful through this week long process of making sure Irmo would wait for his release and for the district to let him go. We had friends and family praying and in the end he is now at Irmo!!! He will be an assistant Varsity football and baseball coach as well. Not to mention that he will be 14 minutes from home instead of 35!!! Woohoo! He is so happy to finally be closer to home again and we are, too!! It will be fun to be at my Alma Mater watching games once again!

We headed to the beach with my whole family at the end of July! It was so much fun and what we look forward to every year!!! Andy and his family flew in from Texas and Katie and Mark came with 2 week old Austin. The cousins had so much fun together and there was never a dull moment. This year we went to Seabrook Island and it was perfect! That might be my new favorite destination!! Here are some pictures from the week!

Greyson (2) pulling Caroline (16 months) in the wagon on our first day

The kids did lots of bike riding. The beach and pool were in close riding distance and that was great!

Remember what I wrote about Greyson earlier....

Pop and Tyler in their Guy Harvey shirts...

Scott had a funny way with Austin, but that's just Scott! :)

We went to this really neat diner! They have amazing milkshakes!

Together nonstop! :)

They really can show love to each other! :)

This massive Angel Oak Tree is located off the island. It is between 300-400 years old!