Friday, February 18, 2011

It's warm....yay!!!!!!!!!!!

This week's weather has been fabulous so, we have really been taking advantage of being outside! Scott started T-ball practice this week and is going to be on a really great team! Robbie is really looking forward to helping coach his team as often as he can be there. The husband of a very good friend of mine is going to be the head coach! Greyson also got his very first hair cut last Friday at a neat place called Sharkeys. He did really well...I guess sitting in a cool car and eating a sucker helped! :) My baby is getting so big!

Blowing bubbles (in Daddy's team's baseball hat no less)

Scott's first practice

Fun at the zoo with friends

Just some fun, random pics from this month:

Sweet Tyler reading a book to Greyson on the way to church one Sunday morning:

Family picture (I wonder which child was NOT excited about having his picture made!)

Fun at RaRa's house

Fun in the backseat together! Typically Tyler sits in the back by himself, but they all wanted to sit back there together on the way home one night!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boy update

Life is so fun with 3 boys! They are growing and changing all the time!! Here is a quick update on each of them.

Greyson: Oh, this boy is just so funny. He is talking up a storm, which amazes me because Tyler and Scott had just really started talking when they were this age. Greyson will be 21 months old on Feb 7. I truly can't believe he will be 2 in 3 short months...wasn't I just writing about him turning 1?!?!?! There are quite a few Greysonism right now:

1. Everyday, several times a day he goes through the routine of asking where is everyone. It goes something like this: "Where Mimi?", "Where Daddy?", Where Pop?", "Where Tyer (Tyler)?", "Where Cott?", "Where RaRa?", "Where Nana ( neice)?". It is so cute!

2. Greyson's absolute favorite thing to do right now is read books. At least 4-5 times a day he says, "Ahw Book Rock Rock" which translates "I want you to read books to me and rock rock in the chair". He actually just now said to me as I'm typing this....LOVE IT!! So, I'll be back later to finish my write up! :)

Ok, I'm back several hours's Wed so we had church tonight! :)

3. Greyson thinks he is as big and bigger than Tyler and Scott. His most favorite moto and saying is, "No, I do it!" He can even say it with attitude!! He is such a mess. For example, he opens the refrigerator door and takes his milk out, unscrews the tops, and tries to pour it into his cup! Another example: He thought he could carry the full jug of milk to the checkout today in Publix. He got mad at me for helping him! He loves to say "I elp" (translates I help). It is precious and I love his servants heart at this age.

4. He loves to "dip" his food in things like ketchup, syrup, etc. He was always saying "du pa" which sounded like "juice box" to us. So, we thought he was wanting a juice box which is not something he has often and not when I make things like pancakes and he's saying "du pa". We finally figured out he was asking for something to "dip it".

Tyler: Oh, this child is after my own heart in so many ways! We first borns have to stick together! :) Tyler is doing really well in 2nd grade. He made the Honor Roll this past report card and received a little certificate for it! He got a new teacher after Christmas. He really likes her, thank goodness!! He is into reading chapter books right now, which amazes me! Tyler is and always has been very artistic. The boy loves to draw and doing anything of that nature. Last year he took art lessons after school with his school art teacher. He has just started back with that on Tuesday afternoons. He loves it, and she has loved having him back! She teaches a group of children and they do some really neat things. Tyler has decided not to do baseball this Spring but wants to take golf lessons again. I think this sport fits his personality VERY well! I can't believe he will be 8 in less than 2 months! He is a great big brother...a little bossy at times, but I guess that's kind of his role as the oldest sometimes, huh?!...hince like his mother. :)

Scott: Oh, my little buddy! Scott is at such an awesome age! We are really tight right now and I am loving that! It makes me so sad to think that he will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Just because I've already sent one child off to school does not make it any easier. People say, "Well, at least you still have Greyson at home." Well, yes, BUT that does not make it any easier for me to send my sweet Scottie off to school! You know?!? Scott would stay home everyday and never come out of his pajamas if I would let him! :) He is such a homebody. He likes preschool and I'm thankful, but if he had the ultimate choice right now, he would never go anywhere! :) He is such a good middle child....he adores his big brother and wants so badly to impress Tyler and be like him. He is so awesome with Greyson and adores him, too. I love to watch him interact with each of them separately. Scott is going to play T-ball this Spring and we are so excited that he is going to be on some good friend's of ours team! Robbie is looking forward to helping coach as much as he can with his team in full swing now.

Here are some recent pictures...some of which depict the things I talked about above.

They didn't want me to take their picture so they had fun screaming "NO!" and holding their hands out! :)

Robbie's baseball season is in full swing! We had a dinner for all of the senior players and coaches the other night. I fixed the meal and we had it at Robbie's mom's house since she lives on the side of town where all the players live. It was a big success and I had so much fun preparing and serving the meal! I'm so proud of Robbie and the great coach that he is. He really cares about these boys and wants them to do their best. He expects a lot out of them, but in a good way! I think he is such an amazing influence on them!! Here is a picture from the other night: