Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tyler is 7!

Our sweet Tyler turned 7 this past Wednesday. Wow, 7! Why does he keep growing up and why does each year seem to pass so quickly? It feels like we were just in Disney World celebrating his 6th birthday! We started off the day with our tradion of a pancake breakfast. He opened a remote control car from the 4 of us and was able to play with it a little before school. Mimi, Greyson and I joined him at school for lunch (at 10:30 I might early!). We took him a Chick-fil-a kids meal and I made cupcakes for his class. After school, we went and got ice cream and then had some play time at Monkey Joes. Robbie cancelled his baseball practice that day so that he could get home early and we could spend some time together. Tyler chose Olive Garden and his supper choice. After supper we went to Mimi and Pop's house because Mimi made Tyler a requested strawberry cake and they had presents for him to open. It was a great for him as he turned 7!

On Friday night we had Tyler's birthday party at Robbie's baseball game. It was all boys and they had a blast! They ran around like crazy and loved the atmosphere. The boys ran the bases and were paired with one of Robbie's players to run out to their position and sing the National Anthem. Scott and another child were a little hesitant and just watched but all of the other boys loved every minute of "being a big kid". We enjoyed hot dogs and cake during the game and then the boys broke a pinata. It was a great birthday party! We missed 5 boys who couldn't be there but had a great time with those that were able to come.

A little bit about Tyler: He is in first grade and doing great! His passions right now are drawing and riding his bike. He is taking art lessons afterschool in a group with one of the school art teachers. So far he has created an amazing drawing of a baseball player. He really is gifted in the area of drawing and amazes me at his talent at such a young age. He is a great big brother to 2 little brothers. Yes, he gets annoyed with them as only brothers can do, but he really does love to help them and teach them. Tyler currently isn't playing any sports but will play coaches pitch through SOAR in May and June. He is still a little shy but has really come out of his shell more and more. He's making some good friends in his class and I'm so glad to see that. Tyler is a great little boy and we are very proud of him.

Good Morning and Happy 7th Birthday!

Opening remote control car

Mimi and Tyler at lunch

Fun at Monkey Joes

Birthday cake on the night of his birthday

All the children at the birthday party...look at Greyson..he was playing peekaboo! :) It was so cute!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Last Friday night the boys and I met Robin for supper and then went to part of Robbie's baseball game. I was able to take some sweet pictures of the boys...some with Robbie in the picture and some with him in the background. Greyson loved hanging out at the fence in view of Robbie and the baseball field! Tyler and Scott love hanging out in the dugout where they can be near Robbie and be apart of what goes on.

Eating ice cream before the game

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Memories

Tyler, Scott and Greyson are doing great. We've battled a little sickness here and there and it's still hanging around, but it doesn't seem to slow them down too much!

Tyler lost another tooth at the end of February. He had been working on the tooth for a couple of weeks but just never would get the courage to pull it. Well, Greyson took care of that for him! Greyson and Tyler were "wrestling" on the ground one night and Greyson grabbed at Tyler's mouth. Apparently he got a hold of Tyler's tooth because it came out! Robbie said that maybe Greyson will be a dentist one day. :)

Scott officially learned to ride his bike without training wheels tonight! Robbie and Pop have been trying to convince him to try it but he just hadn't gotten the courage to quite yet. Pop had to do some repairs on Scott's bike so he brought it back to him tonight. It didn't have the training wheels on it, so Pop told Scott to hop on. Scott didn't even think twice and he took off! He wore Pop out running beside him because he wasn't expecting it at all! Tyler and I were cheering him on and some of the neighborhood children chimed in too. Scott was so excited although the look on his face said "Am I really doing this?" Robbie wasn't home but we called him right away to tell him!

Greyson turned 10 months old last Sunday. He's not walking yet but everyday he gets a little closer. He will walk while you hold his hands and he has just recently started standing on his own for a few seconds. I can't believe he will 1 in less than 2 months! I keep telling him to slow down but he won't listen! :)

We are really enjoying the nice weather lately! Here are a few recent pictures.

Tyler and Greyson "wrestling" on the night Tyler lost his tooth

Tyler and Scott recently went along with Robbie and his baseball team to one of their games. They got to ride in the bus and thought it was so cool!

A few weekends ago Robbie ran in a half marathon!! He did a great job!

A trip to the zoo

We went to visit my sweet Mema on Saturday. She and Greyson walked hand in hand.

My cousin Ashleigh is amazing with babies and children. Greyson loved having her attention on Saturday at Mema's. She was holding him near a bowl of fruit, and Greyson reached over and grabbed a pear and started gnawing on it! It was hilarious! He ended up eating almost the entire thing! :)

First wagon ride...we have the wagon that has no seat belts which wasn't a problem with Tyler or Scott when they were little. Well, I have another project for Pop to install some sort of strap to hold Greyson down! He thinks he needs to try and climb out....oh one of the many ways he is oh so different from his big brothers! :)

Scott learning to ride his bike with Pop

In no time Scott was riding totally by himself!