Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scott's birthday

Our little buddy, Scott, turned 5 on Sunday!! It was a fun filled weekend of celebrating. He had a baseball party at the Irmo baseball field on Saturday followed by a little family celebration on Sunday. Then, on Tuesday his class celebrated with him at school. I can't believe my buddy is 5! It seems like yesterday that he was born 3 weeks and 5 days early weighing only 5lbs 15oz. He was a petite little thing! He has brought a lot of laughter to our family with his silly little antics. Here are some pictures from our fun weekend, plus some from his Western Day at school yesterday!

Breaking the Pinata

Relay race: Put on one of Daddy's jerseys, helmet, glove and throw the baseball

Baseball Cake

Greyson thought he needed to help Scott open all his presents! :)

The birthay crew

Birthday pancakes on Sunday morning

Three handsome boys in a picture at church (Thanks Rebecca P for bribbing them so I could get a good picture :))

More birthday fun Sunday evening

Cowboy Scott

Parading into the Worship Center on his stick horse

At 5, some of Scott's most favorite things to do are: play with cars and Super Heroes, play outside, play dogs with Tyler and play baseball. He is a Gamecock through and through, which makes his Mama sad but his Daddy proud! :) Scott is in school 3 mornings and week and this is the first year he has absolutely loved it! I'm savoring every bit of this preschool year because it is his last! :( I'm thankful Scott has the opportunity to go to preschool because he is able to experience some of the neatest things that he will never get to experience once he is in big school. I guess I appreciate it more and more since I already have a child in elementary school!

Tyler is playing Fall Baseball and Robbie is his coach!! He is having fun, especially since he has some good buddies on his team. Tyler also attended his first ever sleep over last Thursday night (no school on Friday). He had such a great time and actually stayed the whole night!! We were so proud of him! Here are a few pics of baseball and his buddies at the sleepover.

Up to bat

Greyson thought he needed to join Tyler in the dugout

Robbie pitching

Tyler and his buddies at the sleepover

I can't forget my sweet and wild Grey Grey! He is quite a character at the ripe age of 17 months! There is NEVER a dull moment at our house when he is awake. I know I say it often but he truly thinks he is as big as Tyler and Scott. He thinks he can do everything that they do and he does not miss a thing! He's pretty smart, though and he amazes me with what he knows!

Silly boy inside the toy box!