Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who's Ready for Spring??

I know I sure am ready for Spring! I hate to wish this next month away, but it has been far too much of a sick winter for us and I'm ready for warm weather and sick germs to leave!!! Tyler tested positive for the flu on Friday, although I have to say this has been the mildest case of the flu I've ever seen! He only had fever 3times and it never got above 101.7. I contribute that to him having the flu shot and keeping him from having it worse!

Well, as hard as I tried to keep him away from Scott, washing everyone's hands, etc, etc, Scott started with the fever Saturday night. Hopefully his will be as short lived as Tyler's was since he also had the flu shot. I am praying (and would love for you to say a prayer too!) that I don't get it! The boys are taking Tamiflu but if I get the flu I will definitely not take it since I'm pregnant. No one is sure if it's safe for pregnant women or not so I will just opt not to take it!

All in all if you had been around the boys any over the last few days you would have never guessed they had the flu! I wanted to post a video of them acting crazy, but it keeps taking way too long to load so I'll just post this picture that shows just how silly the boys still were despite their diagnosis!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greyson is growing!!

I can definitely tell just within the last few weeks that my belly is really growing!
This is me on December 29 at 20 weeks:

And this is me just 3 nights ago at 26 weeks:

I can't believe I'm 26 weeks and only have 10-14 week left!! Wow! Time is flying and I still feel like I have a million things to do to be "ready." The boys are excited and talk about him every now and then. I'm sure in their eyes it seems like an eternity before he arrives. Tyler loves to kiss my sweet!!