Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas and SNOW days!!

Christmas was so much with the boys! They were so excited even though Greyson really had no clue what was going on! :) Santa was up until about 1:00 putting together a hockey table, bike and 4 wheeler. Whew.....!! The boys woke up early and we gave them the choice as to whether they wanted to go see what Santa brought or read the Christmas story first. Tyler quickly chose to read the story first and I was so happy to hear that! So, we opened the Bible and read the story. We had been reading bits and pieces the whole month of December leading up to Christmas Day. We do a "Countdown to Christmas" chain and each day has a couple of verses on it to read. After that, Scott was ready to go see what Santa brought. But, Tyler was wanting to hang our ornament that we had gotten at our church's Christmas Eve service. So, he told Scott, "Scott, we are still in Jesus world not Santa world yet." It was precious and warmed a Mama's heart!!! So, the boys closed their eyes and I led them to the tree so they could put the ornament on. Then, we got to see what Santa brought. Greyson was still not awake at this time so, after the boys looked at what they got, they wanted to wake him. His face looked a little confused at first but, once we put him on his new 4 wheeler he was ready to go!

Tyler's new air hockey table

Scott on his new bike

The boys helping Greyson on his new 4 wheeler

Mimi and Pop with their 5 grandchildren on Christmas Day

Christmas Day picture of the 5 of us

Tyler was so sweet with his baby cousin, Caroline

GreyGrey enjoying his new, LOUD toy from Katie and Mark :)

Aunt RaRa helping Greyson open his cool guitar

Memaw and the boys

Pop got Tyler and Scott a really cool tent for Christmas. They had a movie night/sleepover in it the very next night!

They slept great in it all night long!

Greyson got his very own set of golf clubs so he could be like his big brother, Tyler

We had a HUGE snow here this week and had 4 days off of school!! The boys loved the snow, even Greyson! He was out there doing just what his big brother and Daddy were doing. It was a lot of fun having 4 days off from school (plus an already scheduled holiday tomorrow and Monday!).

Wow, we really got snow....

Greyson loves to pull his brothers together for a big group hug. It is so cute!!

Group picture before they headed out!

Watching as Daddy measured to see how much we got...4 inches and it was still snowing at that point!

Greyson going down the slide....

Into a soft landing....

Robbie was out there having just as much fun as they were

Tyler gave it a try, too

Robbie thought he'd slide into homeplate!

Me and my sweet boys

Later in the afternoon, Robbie and Tyler went out and built a snowman. Robbie gave him the name Oscar!?!?! Oscar is still standing and may be with us for a little while until he decides to melt!