Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still waiting....So having fun in the meantime!

Hi everyone!!

Well, we thought 2 weeks ago that Greyson might possibly make an early appearance like Tyler and Scott did but it seems as though he is not quite ready. For that I'm very thankful because he has now reached full term as of this past Sunday. He is growing, growing and you can really tell in how my stomach has grown in the last couple of weeks:

Greyson at 36 weeks:

Greyson at 37 weeks (this past Sunday):

My awesome MOPS group went out for dessert to Nonnah's recently and we had a blast! They brought super sweet gifts for Greyson!! This is us:

Last night we went to Robbie's last regular season baseball game at Airport and the boys had a great time!! They dressed in their RV attire and Scott loved going on the field at the end of the game to give the other team high fives! He thought he was so big!!! Look for the little guy in the pictures below! :)

This afternoon we went and picked strawberries!!! The boys loved it!! Tyler remembers when we went 3 years ago when we lived up in the Fort Mill area and he's really been wanting to go again. They had fun trying to find the biggest, reddest strawberry out there!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

Dying Easter Eggs on Saturday!

Our finished product! The boys had fun making the faces on the eggs.

I found one!

Hurrying to the next egg!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updates on the boys

My Baseball Boys: Off to camp!

Well, ever since Tyler was a month old I have always sent updates on what he was doing, etc. I did it every month until he turned one and then I just starting doing it for various milestones and when he turned another year older. I did the same thing for Scott as well. But, I'm sad to say that I was not so on top of things this year and missed Tyler's 6 year update on his real birthday. But, I think I have a pretty good excuse....Disney World! :) So, since I missed his real day I decided to wait until Scott's half birthday (April 10) to update on both the boys.

TYLER: I know I say this every year but I can't believe he is now 6 years old! I also can't believe that his year of Kindergarten is so close to the end. This year has flown by and this time last year I was already working myself up about letting my baby go off to big school! But, I have to say that I made it through and this year has been so wonderful for him and for me as his mom. I have watched him grow and develop in so many amazing ways. He has a wonderful teacher that calls him "Blue Eyes" and "Handsome" and has been so good for him. I really feel like she has helped him come out of his shell more and more. He's still very shy but for the most part I have watched his personality blossom! He is reading and writing so well and it's just one of the greatest joys as a mom and a former teacher to watch him grow in this way. His teacher said he is reading on a 1st grade level and is about to finish publishing his first book!! Tyler is playing t-ball and taking karate and loves both of them very much. He went to Robbie's baseball camp this week and had a blast! I think baseball is his niche which makes Robbie very proud! Tyler is still my sweet, compassionate, loving child who wants to please everyone. He is excited about being a big brother again and I know he will be such a great help to me. He loves to kiss my belly and he is protective over me and Greyson. It's just so sweet and I asked him the other day if he would always be protective over me! :) It's so neat how God placed Tyler as the first born with the personality that he has because he is so great at being the big brother and being such a great example to Scott (well, most of the time anyway!). The greatest thing he has told me lately is: "Mama you just don't know how much I love you!" Oh, does that make my heart melt!!!! He still tells me that almost everyday and now Scott has picked up on it and tells me just about everyday, too!!!

Tyler's Baseball Party

Tyler playing 1st base

Tyler batting: The coach pitches to the team a few times before bringing out the T if needed. Tyler has done really well hitting the ball with the coach pitching.

April 10: Scott will be 3 1/2 on April 10, which was my sweet Grandaddy's birthday, whom I miss very much. It was also Tyler's due date so it makes April 10 a very special date for me....3 males that mean so much to me and share something special. I wish my children and Robbie could have known him because he was pretty amazing!

SCOTT: 3 1/2....wow, where did these last 6 months go? Scott is already asking when his next birthday is and that he is already 4 because he thinks he is so big and so tall! :) I keep telling him to slow down and not to grow up! Scott is still my little ball of energy and the funniest little 3 year old I know! He surprises me with something new and funny just about everyday and I love that about him. His stubborn, determined personality keeps me hopping but it's just my little red head! He has had a great first year of preschool. He does well going to his class but occassionally he gets clingy and doesn't want me to leave. He just recently learned to write his name which caught me by surprise. I never know what that little mind knows until one day he just decides to show or tell me! The funniest thing he has been saying lately is that he has a baby in his tummy. He tells me that his baby has a kitchen in his tummy and sometimes he says his baby is already born and sometimes it's still in his tummy. He has already shown a few signs of jealousy which I'm a little worried about. But, I'm trying to prepare him as much as possible about Greyson coming without harping on it too much. It will be interesting to see just how he reacts. Scott can be so loving and sweet and I love how he tells me at random times throughout the day that he loves me.

Scott as Bob the Builder recently as he assisted in hanging the window treatment in his room!

Cool dude!

Scott's Egg Hunt at school

Tyler and Scott's room is finally complete and they have done really well sharing a room!! They love their airplane room!!

Greyson's room is pretty much complete except for the fact that there is just a lot of stuff everywhere! We are feeling more and more ready for his arrival....clothes are washed and mine bag and Greyson's bags are partially packed! I'm 34, almost 35, weeks! I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately! I go back to the doctor next Tuesday so we'll see what the status is then. My 3 good friends: Jennifer, Susan and Sarah had a wonderful shower for me this past weekend and I got a lot of great things!! It was fun!!

(NO his walls are not pink....for some reason some backgrounds are having a pinkish tint when I download them to the computer!)

31 weeks!

34 weeks!