Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last weekend we traveled to our first Clemson game of the season! We had a blast despite the 14 hour day! :) Robbie and Scott, my Gamecocks, were troopers! Tyler is my only true Tiger boy! Grey Grey is confused on who to like although Robbie and Scott have worked super hard and I think he is swayed towards being a Gamecock! Here are some pictures from our day in Tiger Town!

Also, last week I went on a field trip with Scott's K5 class to the fair! We went to look at all the farm animals since they were studying that!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday week and more!

We've had a great week at the Hardy house! Scott turned 6 years old on Monday, Oct 10 and boy was he ever excited! We started off with an October birthday celebration at Memaw's house on Sunday. We celebrated Scott, Robin, Katie and my birthdays since we were all born in October! It was a fun time together with both my family and Robbie's. On Monday, the boys did not have school so it was a perfect day for a birthday! Per Scott's request, we went to Learning Express for him to spend some birthday money and then to Sonic for lunch! That night we went to Miyabi's for some Japanese fun! On Tuesday, Scott's teacher gave him a birthday crown and cape to wear. I took some mini cupcakes and Cheez It's to his class to celebrate! Then, we finally ended the birthday celebration with a Race Car party yesterday! It was so much fun! Here are some pictures from our big birthday week!


Scott on his new bike


Birthday pancakes

Product of Learning Express


Birthday King at school


We played a really fun race car relay game. Tyler, Scott and I painted boxes to look race cars. Each team had a car and raced around some flags that the adults were holding. They did a great job!

I sent the boys on a race car clue hunt which eventually led them to the cake!


Present time!

A little game of flag football at the end!

In other news.....Greyson learned to climb out of his crib on Wednesday! Before I put him down for nap, he wanted his stuffed Curious George, but we couldn't find it. He was ok with that so, I put him down for his nap in his crib. The next thing I know, I hear his door close and he standing outside his room holding George! He had climbed out of his crib to look for George! I didn't want to make a huge deal about it since he was just more concerned with finding George, but we talked about not climbing out of the crib because he could get hurt. He ended up taking a nap in his crib and all was well until about 2am the next morning. He called out to me because he had to go to the bathroom. I took him and when I went to put him back in his crib he pitched a fit. Well, I let him cry for awhile and then all of a sudden he stops and I hear his door close. Then, I see him appear at our door. Robbie is awake by this point. I talk firmly to him about climbing out of his crib and put him back. He does it a 2nd time. So, Robbie stands outside his door waiting for him to do it again. As soon as he starts, Robbie races in there and grabs him. Robbie ended up sleeping in the twin bed in G's room so he would go back to sleep. On Wednesday, Greyson and I had a talk about whether he wanted to continue sleeping in his crib or if he wanted to sleep in the big bed. He chose the big bed and has been there ever since! The amazing thing is he has done so, so well!! I've been so proud of him! He has yet to get out of his bed without calling for me first! Whew! What a relief that we are through that milestone!

Another big thing that happened this weekend is that Scott is reading!!! This past summer he was reading several simple words but he read 2 books this weekend! We are so proud of him and you can see how excited he is. His class has a reading log where they color in squares based on the number of books read to them. He has been so motivated by this and I love to watch his hunger for learning. He is really thriving in Kindergarten!

I forgot to mention in my last post that Tyler was chosen to be on the yearbook staff at his school. His teacher asked him to apply and then he had to be selected. This is right up his creative alley and I think he will enjoy it.