Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clemson Homecoming and a few other things from November

Well, it seems I haven't updated in several weeks...time has been almost non exsistent for updating my blog or checking other people's blogs lately! But, this week has slowed down so I'm back to it! On November 15 we traveled up to Clemson for Homecoming. We had a great time and the weather turned out to be beautiful! The boys had a blast. Our seats were on the first row right behind the Clemson players so there was a lot of action to keep them interested. Of course Robbie would have prefered to be a little higher so he could actually see the game but thankfully he could see the big screen! Here are few pictures we took:

I have to share these cute pictures, too! One afternoon Scott and I went to Tyler's classroom for something they were doing and we left a little early before the bell rang. The boys were so cute walking down the hall together!

Fall fun in the leaves especially with Amanda, whom the boys adore:

Pre-Thanksgiving fun...making turkey cookies and being Indians

Friday, November 7, 2008

12 weeks and counting....

Hi everyone! Just a little update....I've reached the 12 week mark and was able to hear the heart beat on Wednesday when I went for my doctor's appt. It was loud and strong at 155! I have my ultrasound scheduled for December 23rd and can't wait!!! It will be so fun to find out right before Christmas especially while Andy and his family are in town! I'm feeling better these days although I do have an occassional day (usually one or two days a week) where I throw up one time. But, I don't have any nausea which is much better! I'm hungry ALL the time and eat ALL the time!

The boys are doing well and loving school! Tyler told me just the other day that he wished he could go to school everyday! He is starting to read so well. I'm so proud of him. It seems like he is reading a new word everyday. He read a book he got from the library the other day and I was so impressed with some of the words he knew. Kindergarten is just amazing and he has blossmed so much! Scott still likes to clinge to me when I drop him off at school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but by the time I walk around to the car and can peak in the window on my way out he is completely fine. He is starting to tell me more and more about his day which is fun to hear!

We are excited that Robbie's football season is VERY close to the end. The end is definitely in sight and boy will I be glad, and he will too! :) We have a lot of projects around the house planned while he has a couple of months off before baseball starts. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know and I can't wait!!! I just love this time of year!