Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!

The boys had their 2nd basketball games last week and Scott received the Player of the Game award!! He really tried hard this game and made several rebounds. The first game he hardly touched the ball so, it was good to see that his confidence level had risen! He is really taking to basketball. Yesterday he played off and on at Mimi and Pop's house until he made it in the goal 100 times! :)

Another huge accomplishment lately is Greyson riding a big boy bike! That child truly amazes me with his determined, never give up spirit! It is quite challenging at times, but other times it is very beneficial! He has been saying he wanted a big boy bike so, Robbie put the training wheels back on the first bike Tyler and Scott had. It took Greyson only a few times of trying to pedal before he had it down pat! He is so proud of himself and feels like a big boy. This Mama is sad because he is growing up so fast! But, I'm happy for him, too! :)

Christmas Activities:

We've had lots of fun Christmas activities going on from making a gingerbread house, to Tyler's church choir program (Scott was sick and couldn't participate), Scott's Author's Showcase at school, class Christmas parties at school, and lights at Saluda Shoals!
Here are some pictures from it all!!

Scott played the Old Man in their class Author's Showcase of the Gingerbread Story. He also read his gingerbread book to the whole class for the parents to guess if they were holding his gingerbread based on his book's description of what it looked like. It was cute!

Tyler and his buddy, Grayson

PJ Day for Scott on his class party day

Saluda Shoals Lights on the River

Scott and Austin ended up in a picture together with Santa! My camera was acting funny so the picture isn't all that great!

Greyson did really well with Santa! He was hesitant at first but Santa was awesome at helping him feel comfortable!

Roasting Marshmallows at after visiting with Santa

Greyson started singing his famous lines of "Santa Claus is Coming to Walgreens" so everyone started laughing in this picture! :) It was cute! We don't really know where Greyson got the idea that Santa was coming to Walgreens, but he sings it all the time! :)

Buddy, the Elf, has been into some mischief again! :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tyler and Scott are playing basketball for the first time, and they are having a blast! This is the first sport that have been able to do at the same time so that is kind of neat! This is also the first sport that Tyler has truly been excited about. Scott was excited about baseball last year, but he is also really enjoying basketball. Tyler gets to play on the same team as 4 of his buddies...2 from his previous school and 2 from his new school! Scott is playing on the same team as the brothers of 2 of Tyler's friends. Scott was technically not quite old enough to play, but since he only missed the cut off by a month, the director was willing and thought Scott could be successful.

They had their first games this week. Tyler and his friend, Grayson, came up with a "plan" at school that day for a play they were going to execute. So, early on in the game they did it and it worked! Tyler scored a basket!!!!!!!!!! Boy, was he proud!! :) I actually caught it all on video on my phone, which made it ever better!! That night after the game, Tyler received the first "Player of the Game" award! What a way to start off a season!

Scott enjoyed his first game and really hustled. He was too cute tearing down the court with all that was in him! He was serious about playing defense can kept those arms in the air to block his opponent. :)

Tyler and his 2 best buddies....Grayson and Jack

After receiving his award

Our Elf, Buddy, has been up to some funny things!! We have found him hanging from the fan, peering out of the front door window, sticking his head inside Tyler's stocking and turning the milk green!! :) :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catch Up!

It's December...one of the most fun times in the Hardy house! Buddy, our Elf, has returned for some fun surprises, the tree is up and decorated, the stockings are hung, Christmas pictures are being colored, Christmas music is playing, the wish lists have been made (they actually started working on those in November :)), etc! It is a fun time of year, but also a very hectic time of year. There is so much going on between school activities, church parties and festivities, shopping to be done, goodies to be made, etc, etc. I really do not want this month to fly by!!

Now that I've covered the beginnings of festivities for December, let's back track to October and November! :)
The end of October brought about Halloween, but also my 33rd birthday and my first ever Half Marathon! I trained for 12 weeks with some of the most amazing girls I've ever known. The four of us worked so hard together providing strength, encouragement, laughter, memories and new achievements all at the same time. I could not ask for a better group of ladies to run with 3-4 mornings a week. They have been such an amazing blessing to me! The four of us meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 5:30 am to run. While we were training for our half, we would meet on Saturday mornings for our "long" runs. Our Half Marathon was in Greenville on October 29. We traveled there on Friday for our race on Saturday morning. It was a super tough course since the elevation levels are much different there than they are here in Columbia. But, we did it and were so relieved! :)

My birthday:

Race weekend:

Halloween was a lot of fun with my Tiger, Gamecock football player, and Bob the Builder. We went to a fall festival at Lexington Baptist on Saturday the 29th and on the 31st we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. The boys had a blast and got lots of candy!!

In November we celebrated Robbie completing his Masters! He did a great job juggling a full time job, coaching and having a family! He even made it on the Dean's List every semester!!

Thanksgiving was fun with lots of eating and being with family. We went to Robbie's sister's for lunch and my aunt's for supper. It was a great day!