Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yay for Robbie!!

As of last night, Robbie is now the official head baseball coach at Ridge View High School!! I'm very proud of him and he totally deserves it. He's waited patiently for God's perfect timing in all of this and it's finally arrived. Robbie is very excited! He has a passion for the game and the kids on his team and I know he will do a great job!

There is a small write up in The State paper today and here is the link:

Here are some pictures from this past season when Scott helped as the bat boy:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 week old today!

I can't believe that sweet Greyson is a week old today! Wow, time is already flying! We have a great first week of him being apart of our family. He is such a great baby and we are really enjoying him. Tyler and Scott adore him and are really good with him. Tyler, especially, loves to hold him and be around him any chance he gets. Scott acknowledges him for a short time and then he is ready to move on. I've been pleased with how well Scott has done with the transistion. He has had a couple of rough moments but only because they were on days he had had no nap or rest time! Here are few recent pictures!

Leaving the hospital

He wasn't so concerned about arriving home from the hospital! :)

Sweet brothers

Mimi and her sweet boys

Pop and grandsons

Aunt Robin and Greyson

Big Brother Scott

Sweet Greyson

Friday, May 8, 2009

More Family Pictures

Our 3 Boys!!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Mark

Memaw and her grandsons

Mimi and Greyson

Pop and Greyson

Mema and Papa with Greyson

Amy and Greyson

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greyson Kahrs Hardy

Greyson Kahrs Hardy arrived Thursday, May 7 at 2:42pm weighing 7lbs 13oz and 21 1/2 inches long! Wow, what a big boy!! He was 2lbs bigger than Scott and 1lb 7oz bigger than Tyler!

The proud big brothers before Greyson arrived!

We arrived at the hospital at 9am and I was having contractions but they were pretty spaced out. Then once my doctor checked me I was 4cm and my contractions all of a sudden started coming closer and closer together. They started me on potosin and they definitely started to become more intense. He broke my water around 12 and I really started to progress fast. Once I started to push, Greyson's heartrate really started dropping. Dr. Chris kept me informed of what was going on which I was really thankful for. They soon realized that the cord was wrapped around his neck and each time I pushed it caused it to tighten. Robbie could see the heart monitor and said it would get down in the 60's at some points. Finally, Dr. Chris said I had one more chance to push and then I would have to have a C-section because he was concerned with how low the heartrate was dropping. So, as I pushed I prayed equally as hard!! God is so good and Greyson came out with that next very push. But, he was not crying and a little blue. The nurses immediately took him and he started crying right away! It was a pretty emotional, scary few minutes but I had faith that God was right there with us taking care of Greyson and honoring the amazing prayers that so many of you were sending up on our behalf all day yesterday.

Robbie and I were able to hold him as soon as they got him cleaned up. Robbie got to carry him to the nursery and stay with him. They were concerned about his breathing and his body temperature but after a couple of hours Greyson was good to go and everything was great with him! I was floored by his weight, of course!! I couldn't believe he was that big!! I knew he would be bigger than Tyler and Scott because I was bigger this pregnancy but I had no idea he would be 2lbs more than Scott (although he did come 2 weeks later than Scott and one week later than Tyler)!! He is healthy and all is well and I am so thankful!

My first chance to hold him

Proud Daddy

Excited family watching Greyson in the nursery

1st picture of the Hardy boys

Mama's Boys

The 5 of Us

Such a happy BIG brother! Tyler was so proud holding his baby brother! He's already so sweet with him!

He's finally took forever but I'm a big brother!

A sweet moment

I will post more pictures later of the family!