Monday, January 26, 2009


Robbie and I went on a little one night getaway to Savannah this past Saturday and Sunday before baseball season and Greyson arrive! We were only there 24 hours but it was great to get away just the 2 of us...very refreshing!! We had never been to Savannah before, and we loved it! It is a really neat place with so much to do. When we got there on Saturday we went to this place recommended to us called B & D Burgers. They had every type of burger you could imagine and it was SO good!! Then we walked up and down a main street downtown and went in some shops. We stayed at a little Bed and Breakfast that was ok but we probably wouldn't stay there again. It was neat just to experience the whole "bed and breakfast" thing since we hadn't done that before. We ate at a fabulous restaurant on Saturday night called Vics on the River. I had shrimp and grits and it was AWESOME! Robbie had shrimp and oysters. It was a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the river. Next time we go, we want to stay somewhere at the river because it was a beautiful view! Here are some pictures from our little trip!

We took this one of ourselves at dinner :)

Vics on the River

One of the HUGE barges that went by on the river

Us on an old boat you could tour (the big bridge in the background)

The view from the BIG bridge we had to cross going in and leaving Savannah

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Christmas

Well, I'm almost a month behind on sharing Christmas pictures but better late than never, huh?! We had a wonderful Christmas as I know so many of you did. Having Robbie and Tyler out of school for 2 whole weeks was the best part! We had a great time together and were productive with some things around the house at the same time. My brother and his family were here for a whole week leading up to Christmas and that was great! My niece, Anna, and the boys had a blast together. They hugged each other every time they saw each other and Anna was so cute running around calling "Ty Ty" and "Scottie Boo" (she picked up on Scott's name because that's what my mom calls him). We went to see the Lights at Saluda Shoals, to Build a Bear, we made a gingerbread house, had a party for Jesus and played and played. We wish we got to see them more often than we do but are thankful for the times we do!

On Christmas Day Robbie and I woke up before the boys did and were ready to get them up! I guess they aren't at the age yet where they wake up at the crack of dawn! So, we started making some noise so they would wake up! Once they did and realized Santa had come they were wide awake! They loved everything they got and were so excited. After Santa, we went over to Mimi and Pop's house for Christmas breakfast and presents. Scott showed up dressed in his new Ninja Turtle costume and Anna wasn't too sure about it! We had a yummy breakfast and tons of gifts to open! We ate breakfast, then read the Christmas story and then opened presents. After our time there, we went back home and Robbie's family came over. Robbie fried a delicious turkey and everyone brought a dish to share. It was fun! It was a very relaxing, fun day with no stress and that was wonderful!

The day after Christmas Robbie was really motivated and painted the boys new bedroom. They are going to share a room (Scott's room) and Greyson will take Tyler's old room. They weren't ready to move to an upstairs bedroom just yet so they are going to share for now. It is going really well and I'm glad we are all still downstairs. We got their new quilts and set up their airplane room all that day! It looks great although, I'm still looking for window treatments and letters to put their names above their beds. A few days later Robbie then painted Greyson new room, set up the crib and put arranged all of the furniture! It looks great, too. I'm still looking for some things to put on the walls but we have time! :) It's such a good feeling to have all the big stuff like painting out of the way. We knew Robbie had to do it when he did because baseball season starts Feb. 2 (although they are doing some stuff afterschool throughout January). I still have boxes of clothes to go through as well. I will post pictures of their rooms once I get them fully complete!

Here are some pictures from our Christmas!

Pop and his grandbabies

Fun at Build a Bear

Aunt Tiffany and Silly Scott

Making a Gingerbread House with Mimi

Tyler handing out programs at the Children's Christmas Eve Service

Buzz Lightyear on top of Andy

Katie gave the boys each a pair of Hulk gloves and a Spiderman punching bag...Oh do they love it!

Playing with their new pirate ships with Memaw

Me and my boys relaxing Christmas night watching a movie

Robbie and Tyler painting the boys' room

Hanging the window treatment in Greyson's new room