Sunday, February 19, 2012

A "Good" Busy

Between basketball games and practice, piano lessons, church on Wed nights, activities at school, and Robbie starting baseball season we've been quite busy! The boys' basketball season ended 2 weeks ago with a final game and party afterwards. Tyler will be playing again for a short Spring season that starts in March, but Scott is starting t-ball. His first practice was this past week and he's already in "mode"! He absolutely loves sports...I wonder where he gets that from! :) Tyler started taking piano lessons in mid January and has really enjoyed it. His teacher is a former choir teacher of mine when I was Tyler's age! How crazy!! At the end of January, we had a huge event at the boys school that I helped oversee, and it was amazing! It was called Boosterthon which involved 9 days of life lessons and the importance of being active all while raising money through pledges for the school! The last day ended with an amazing Fun Run where the children ran laps with tons of music and enthusiasm to fulfill the pledges that had been made for them by family and friends. It was a success!

Some of my dear, dear friends and I ran a race called the Red Nose Run in honor and memory of my sweet friend Rebecca's baby girl Annabelle. Annabelle was born with a heart condition that took her life at the age of 2 months old. Annabelle's legacy has continued to live on through her amazing parents, Scott and Rebecca. On January 28, Annabelle would have been 4 years old. Rebecca, Ansley, Jennifer and I ran a 10K on that day for Annabelle! It was truly the most amazing feeling and such a blessing to do it in honor and memory of her!! Now we are all training for half marathon in April! This will be mine and Jennifer's second one and Rebecca's first! We are excited to be doing it together!! Here are some fun pictures from the last month!

Chinese New Year parade for cute!

Boosterthon Pep Rally to kick things off!

Scott's class running out for the Fun Run!

Me and my red head buddy during the run!

He ran 35 laps...whoohoo!

Tyler running out of the tunnel with his class for the Fun Run!

Tyler ran 35 laps, too...whoohoo!!

Lunch at the park on an early release day!

Scott finally lost his first tooth! Yay! He was thrilled! The boys were actually spending the night at Mimi and Pop's house when it happened. It had been loose for weeks and he actually pulled it out himself that night!

Red Nose Run! Rebecca had the cutest shirts made for us that we will all cherish forever!!! I can't help but smile everytime I remember this race and what we did it for!!

Tyler and his piano teacher

My little helper at the grocery store

My nephew, Austin, comes to play with Greyson and I on Monday mornings. Those 2 boys have a blast together!

Tyler and Scott with their buddies

Tyler's last game with a party and receiving a trophy!

Scott's last game with a party and trophy!

I'll finish more this week that includes a trip to Edventure and Valentine's Day! :)