Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Time

We are contiuing to have a great summer and I can't believe that school starts back in just a few short weeks. Life with 3 children has been wonderful and I am totally loving every minute with my 3 precious boys! I still can't believe I've ventured to Target several times and Publix with all 3 of them by myself. We actually had successful, well behaved trips and I felt like I had just completed one of the biggests tasks as a mom.

We have been staying busy but also just enjoying some nice days at home. Robbie's schedule has been pretty flexible so we have thoroughly enjoyed having him around more. He has been a huge help and it will be hard to get used to him not being around as much when football starts this weekend! Tyler and Scott enjoyed their first friend sleep over last Friday night filled with swimming and movies and popcorn. We had a fun cookout with friends last Saturday night....we all have boys and they had a blast together. The adults did, too! :)

Greyson is growing like crazy! He is so alert and in tune to what his big brothers are doing at all times. He loves to watch them and smile at them. It is so sweet to see. It's really hard to think that he is almost 3 months old. Here are just a few recent pictures.

Tyler will be starting 1st grade soon and Scott will be going to preschool 2 days a week again. Scott will be playing soccer and Tyler will be playing baseball this fall. It will be fun for them both to enjoy watching each other play a different sport. The fun has only begun in the world of sports with these boys!

Cool Dude Scottie on the beach

A sweet moment between Tyler and Greyson on the beach

Robbie, Tyler and Scott acting crazy on the beach

My long boy

A sweet smile for everyone

Me and my littlest buddy

Scott shooting rockets in the air

Tyler in mid air just before shooting a rocket in the air

Our 3 boys

Mama and her boys

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Greyson's 2 month stats

Greyson had his 2 month check up this past Tuesday and is doing great! He weighed 10lbs 15oz (15th%) and was 24 inches long (80th%). Dr. G said he was the length of a 4 month old! Wow! We may have a basketball player on our hands! :)

We are headed to the beach tomorrow for Greyson's 2nd time. He's made his appearance in all sorts of places over the last 2 months...the bowling alley, the movies, the beach, EdVenture, the pool (just to hang out while his big brothers swam), Still Hopes (the nursing home my grandmother lives in...they absolutely adored having him there), and to pick blueberries. Wow, he's a busy baby! :) He's such a trooper! I'm a germ freak so believe me, he was well protected in all those places! :)

His big brothers adore him and love to rock him!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greyson's Dedication

We had Greyson dedicated on Sunday. It was a very special time for Robbie and I as as we promised to raise Greyson in a Christian home teaching him about our Lord and Savior. We had 20 family members join us for this service which meant a lot. We are so blessed to be a part of such an amazing Christian family as well as an awesome church home! We had a fun barbeque lunch at my parent's house after church. Here are a few pictures:

Our sweet Greyson

The 5 of us

During the dedication....just a little far away

Big group shot...minus 5 people who had to leave early

Mimi and Pop with their grandkids

Memaw and her grandkids

Tyler, Scott, Anna and Greyson with their great grandparents