Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tyler's outing

After I posted a blog update last night, I realized that I had not ever posted pictures of mine and Robbie's outing with just Tyler. I have to be fair! :) We went to Frankie's and Rita's with Tyler, too!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September so far....

We are only about half way through September, but it's been a full month already. We went to Clemson Labor Day weekend for the First Friday parade. I was able to see 2 of my roommates whom I haven't seen in a long time and have never met their children. It was really fun seeing them! That night, we spent the night at Katie and Mark's house...the boys loved every minute of that! On Saturday, we went to Hendersonville spur of the moment to the Apple Festival. Last week Scott had his tonsils and adnoids out, as most of you know. He has been such a trooper and it has gone really well thus far. It is a 2 week recovery only soft foods and no school until then. Here are some pictures from our month so far:

Books before bed

First Friday Parade:

Greyson loved the parade:

Tyler got his face painted:

We put all of our kiddos together for group shot:

Tyler and Lily (Katie and Mark's dog) have a special bond:

GreyGrey had to find out where Lily went:

Scott likes to keep his distance from Lily because she can be pretty hyper. He eventually warms up:

Katie, Mark, the boys and Lily:

I love this sweet picture:

Enjoying a snow cone at the Apple Festival. It was a gorgeous day!

Greyson thought he'd have an apple:

Tyler took this picture:

Just some Labor Day fun (Robbie was in charge) :)

Robbie and I took Scott on an outing...just him, like we did with Tyler a few weeks ago. We went to Frankie's and then to Rita's for Italian Ice! It was fun!

Greyson saw Scott dressed as Spiderman so, he thought he'd like to try it out too! It was so cute, and he thought he was big stuff!

Greyson brought Scott a balloon when he got home from his surgery to make him feel better:

Tyler's school had Grits for Grandparents on Thursday morning. Mimi and Pop picked Tyler up at 6:50 to head to school to eat breakfast!

Sweet Tyler reading to Greyson:

Bonding in the backyard! :)