Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Summer Fun!

Wow, is it really July!!?? Our summer is going well, and we are having fun! Some days we have things planned and other days we plan the day as we go! That's what I LOVE about summer! Lately, we've been to EdVenture and the State Museum, created a lemonade stand in the driveway, celebrated the wedding weekend of one of Robbie's childhood best friends, and picked blueberries. We've also been swimming and spent some fun times with friends and family. Last night we went to the Blowfish game and the boys and my good friend Rebecca's children were asked to ride in a train around the field after the 1st inning!! They had a BLAST!!! One more BIG piece of news....Greyson is potty trained!!! Whoohoo!!!!!!!! We started with him on Saturday the 18th and he has done a fabulous job!! We are so, so proud of him!
Ok, here are some pictures over the last few weeks!

Tyler and Scott made $3 selling each cup for 25 cents!

Robbie was a groomsman in Jonathan and Faith's wedding

Fun Friends: Shannon and Becky

Friends for 30+ years! Buck, Jay and Robbie


Bride and Groom

Picking (and eating) blueberries

Scott is not a blueberry fan but he was a trooper in helping us pick them

Robbie and Tyler had a thing going where Tyler would toss the blueberries in the air and Robbie would catch them in the bucket! :)

Just before the train ride

Zoe Cate and Greyson