Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baseball and Golf

Robbie received some exciting news this past week. He is now helping coach the Columbia Blowfish baseball team! He is very excited and thankful for this neat opportunity. He found out on Wednesday morning and was asked to come afterschool that afternoon to turn in his resume, etc. When he got there they had already assigned him a locker and had practice clothes and a uniform ready for him! My mom and I took the boys to the first game this past Thursday night. They had a blast! Dale Murphy was there for a Palmetto Health fundraiser so that was neat. Of course, Tyler and Scott had no idea who he was but we got a baseball and Scott's baseball hat signed by him. Here are some pictures from the night:

They gave Robbie #21 not even knowing that this is his favorite number and his number in high school

Robbie walking out after they announced his name as one of the coaches

Dale Murphy

Scott enjoyed meeting the Blowfish baseball. Greyon walked right up to him later in the night but I didn't have the camera ready. He had no fear at all and the people around were amazed at how he just walked right up to him and wasn't scared.

After Greyson got his fill of walking up and down the stairs, he enjoyed dancing to the music

Switching gears a little...Tyler got his first set of golf clubs 2 weeks ago! He is a happy, proud little golfer. He drew a cute picture today and wrote "Golf Rules" on it! :)

Tyler and his buddy at golf lessons

Scott is really enjoying playing t-ball and he's doing really well

Greyson's little life is centered around balls! The child loves balls! Tyler and Scott were never into balls as much as he is at this age. But, I guess Greyson really doesn't have much of a choice, does he?! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry picking and End of the Year programs

This week has already been full of End of the Year programs for Tyler and Scott as well as a trip to the strawberry patch! Tyler had his choir program at church on Sunday night, we went and picked strawberries on Monday afternoon and Scott had a short, little program at his school Tuesday night. Last Friday night, Robbie's team had their baseball banquet and on Saturday Scott had his first t-ball game. Here are some pictures from our events:

Tyler is located on the top row on the right hand side, 2nd child:

Strawberry picking:

The players gave all the coaches a nice, engraved fishing rod as a gift. It is actually quite funny because Robbie is not a fisherman! I guess he is now! :) The boys were excited! :)

Our little slugger:

Sweet pics of Tyler and Greyson at the game:

Scott had the most adorable program at school on Tuesday night. He was so proud up their singing! It was so cute!!
He is right there in the middle in the white shirt:

Saying the pledge of allegiance:

We are so excited about summer coming!! I can't believe school is almost out but we have fun things planned this summer to look forward to!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Greyson's 1st Birthday and Mother's Day

We had a big weekend celebrating Greyson's birthday! On Friday (his actual birthday), Scott, Greyson and I hung out together. That night the 5 of us went to supper at Five Guys where Greyson chowed down on his first hamburger. He seriously ate more than Scott, my 4 year old!! Robbie said he is going to be our "Blindside"! :) Then we headed over to Tyler's school for the Mustang Fest. On Saturday, we had a big party for Greyson in my parent's backyard. It was a perfect morning and everyone had a blast! The theme was a monkey party and my awesome friend, Jennifer, made his cakes...she did an amazing job! You will see pictures below. Here are lots of pictures from our celebrations.

Greyson's birthday pancakes

This hamburger is SO good!

Big boy on his birthday! Our little monkey:

I had to add this sweet picture!

Greyson's adorable monkey cake

Greyson's own little cake

He was so funny about digging in. I tried to put his hand in it but he didn't wasn't so sure about it. I put some icing on my finger for him to taste and he loved it. But, he just didn't want to dig in. So, then Robbie goes over to try and the picture after this one shows what he did!

Poor little guy! :)

Tyler thought it was hilarious!

My sweet friend, Rebecca Butcher, took some great pictures with her awesome camera! This was a sweet one she took!

Mr. Jon came and made balloon animals for all the children. I had asked him to make monkeys but when he started making the tree limb all the boys got excited that it looked like a snake! So, all they wanted were snakes! :)

I love this picture! :)

And this one! :)

Tyler drew a monkey for all the children to use to play Pin the Tail on the Monkey

Some group shots:

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In lieu of gifts for Greyson, I had everyone bring something to donate to Annabelle Baskets. To learn more about what Annabelle Baskets are, you can go to the link on the side of my blog. It is an amazing ministry that my friend Rebecca started in loving memory of her daugther. Here is a picture of the things donated:

Here are a few pictures from Mother's Day. It was a sweet, special day reflecting on the joy of being a mom to 3 amazing little boys!