Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot shot

Greyson is really on the go! He is a busy body and rarely still! He has been scooting or crawling since he was 6 months old. Shortly after that he started pulling up and cruising the furniture. Now over the last several weeks he has learned to push his walking toy and walk holding our fingers. I can still see Tyler walking behind this same walking toy (tear!). Here are some pics of the hot shot showing off this morning! I just love him! He is so cute and just lights up a room with his amazing grin...ok that was a mommy bragging moment but you all understand, right?!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!

Wow, we actually got snow this year! It's something we've been wanting all winter and it finally came! Poor Tyler had strep throat yesterday and was a sick little boy. So, he was only able to enjoy watching the snow fall from the window. But, thank the Lord for good medicine because he "felt like my old self" (quote from him at 5am this morning) by today! The boys had a blast in the snow having snow ball fights, shoveling the snow, playing on their swing set, and building a snowman. Greyson loved watching the snow falling from the window on Friday afternoon. One time I walked away from the window with him and he started to get upset! It was cute! Here are some pictures from our time in the snow:

Greyson watching the snow from the window

Sick Tyler...he was so pitiful

Scott walked out in the snow on Friday night and thought it was great

Scott was the first one out this morning to get the paper

Getting ready to throw a snowball...look at that grin! :)

Grey Grey all bundled up

Tackling in the snow

Our neighbors made snow cones

Team work to build a snowman

Snowball fight with Mimi

If only you could hear the squeals and laughter in this picture

Our leaning snowman

The boys came after me with the snowball in their hand after I took the picture :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boys Oh Boys!

Greyson is 9 months old today! Wow, I can't believe in just 3 short months he will be one year old! He has got to slow down...but doesn't seem to be following my request! :( Each phase/age/milestone only gets better. He's at a fun age right now because so many things can make him smile. Of course he gets worked up about things when he's hungry, doesn't want to be in his carseat any longer, or wants me to hold him, but overall he loves to play, play, play. He's discovering more and more each day and he can't be left alone for any time at all because he's very curious. He keeps us on our toes! He's pulling up and cruising the furniture. Just the other day he was standing up holding onto my knee with only one hand. I have a feeling it won't be long before those first steps take way! He continues to adore his big brothers and enjoys watching their every move. He loves it when they come barreling in his room when he first wakes up in the morning or from a nap. As you will see in a picture below, they love to get into his crib with him! Greyson had tubes 2 1/2 weeks ago and they have been so wonderful! After 4 months of not sleeping through the night consistently, he is back to the great sleeper he was for the first 4 months of life. Yay! He has 3 teeth and is continuing to work on more. He still loves to eat! :)

Scott is still my sweet, funny Scott. He never ceases to say something funny EVERY day! He makes me laugh and he doesn't even mean to most of the time. I just love his sense of humor and the joy he brings to life. He is doing great in school and enjoys telling me about all the fun things they do. Last week was circus week and he got to dress up like a clown. We created our own clown costume with some face paint and a bow tie that Tyler and I made. There is a picture below of what he looked like! Scott's favorite things right now are playing the Wii (he is so good at it and cracks us up!) and riding his bike. Pop is trying to convince him to take the training wheels off because we all feel like he's ready, but he's still a little aprehensive.

Tyler is still my sweet, creative Tyler. He is doing great in school and is about to have some neat opportunities come his way. He is one of 7 students in his school that gets to participate in a special project with the technology specialist. He is really excited! He is also taking art lessons afterschool one day a week and loves it! Drawing is a huge passion of his. Tyler will soon be 7 years old at the end of March. He is getting excited about the Scooby Doo Baseball party we are planning for him. He is growing up so fast! Another big love of Tyler's is dogs. He and I are currently working on creating a book about Dogs A-Z. He wants a dog so bad, but there are some things holding us back. Tyler only has 2 allergies and one of them happens to be pet dander. But, hopefully in the near future we can have an outside dog. Katie and Mark have a dog and yesterday they came for a visit. Tyler was in heaven! He walked her on the leash, played fetch with her, and just adored her! It was so sweet! She is a short haired dog (a pointer) so his allergies didn't seem to act up, yay! Below is sweet picture of them.

More pictures to share: